Saturday, April 11, 2009

Origami chair by So Takahashi

Origami chair by So TakahashiThis Origami chair was presented by Oslo-based designer, So Takahashi. The chair is made from folded, powder-coated sheet metal. It was exhibited at 100% Norway at Designersblock in Covent Garden.

The modern chair by sonic

The modern chair by sonicThe modern chair by sonic chair is the 2007 reddot award winner. It provides a unique audio experience. It allowes to sit in the very centre of a sound system. You can connect your laptop or iPod.

Upholstered swivel chair

Upholstered swivel chairUpholstered swivel chair for office and conference use The upper part is moulded wood on a base of satin polished aluminium. The base is a 5-star swivel base with either fixed sitting height or height adjustment by means of a gaslift mechanism. The base with fixed sitting height may be provided with ferrules of black-grey nylon or glides of matt aluminium. The base with height adjustment is always equipped with double castors and is available with a tilt mechanism.

Cherner chair by Norman Cherner

Cherner chair by Norman ChernerCherner chair, designed by Norman Cherner, 1957. Made of walnut veneer plywood. Made by Plycraft, Inc. 1957-present. This design was inspired by the Pretzel chair by George Nelson & Associates. This design is sometimes attributed to George Mulhauser or Paul Goldman, but according to Tom Cherner of Cherner Chair Company LLC, the design is by Norman Cherner.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Charlottenborg chair

The Charlottenborg chairThe Charlottenborg-chair was one of Arne Jacobsen´s preferred chairs in his private home and, because of this fact, some of the original chairs survived to become the basis for its recreation.

Series 7 Chair Design

Series 7 Chair DesignSeries 7 designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen is the flagship of Fritz Hansen's collection.
It has many selection for colors such as (in lacquer or lazur) include: black, deep blue, indigo, dark grey, pearl, silk, ivory, white, petrol, turquoise, ice blue, lemon lime, lime, sunny yellow, rose, magenta, red, dark red.

Unique Wooden Ode Chair by Jolyon Yates

Unique Wooden Ode Chair by Jolyon YatesThis unique chair is called "ODE Chair" that was designed and crafted in Northumberland, England, by Jolyon Yates. ODE Chair is a new collection of contemporary organic chairs launched in 2008 involving the design and making of unique and distinctive one-off and low volume furniture.

Modern Chair by kundalini

Modern Chair by kundaliniNothing beats a great chair to sit and relax in. I don’t know about you, but on most days at the office when the clock crawls toward 3:30pm, I start thinking of the arm chair in my apartment that I want to sink into after a long day. If you think about it, chairs of all kinds are a huge component in our lives from starting off the day at the office to finishing with a good book back at home. With that being said, it’s important to take pride in our chair selection around our home and take note not only on comfort but on style.

Sebastian Gronemeyer Orchid Chair

Sebastian Gronemeyer Orchid Chair
The German-born Gronemeyer has now invented his own feminine seating, The Orchid Chair. “Inspired by the leaves of an orchid,” The Orchid Chair undulates in serpentine parabolas—and if that sounds sexy, it’s because it is. Formed from one piece of molded reinforced fiberglass shell mounted on a chrome tubular steel base, The Orchid Chair connects to its base by rubber shock mounts—smooth, in other words.

Kids Kapsule Chair

Kids Kapsule ChairThe Kapsule Chair is sturdy, yet child friendly with Karim Rashid's trademark soft contours. Naturally multifunctional due to its storage and seating capabilities, it is nevertheless compact enough to be perfect for small spaces.

Audio System X Rocker Chair

Audio System X Rocker ChairThis chair is perfect for watching movies or playing videogames (I use it for both very often). I love the built in speakers and they are compatible with EVERYthing you would need... The DVD player, the videogame system, the actual TV itself, and you can even hook up your mp3 player to it.

Pyramat PM220 Sound Rocker Chair

Pyramat PM220 Sound Rocker ChairFeaturing twin speakers in the headrest and a powerful subwoofer in the seatback, this legless rocker functions as a comfortable, portable-audio-device booster for video games, movies, and music. The 5.5-inch 30-watt Powersub subwoofer sends vibrations right through a user. The two 3-inch ARX hi-fi performance speakers combine with the subwoofer to create a surround-sound effect when a game console or portable audio device is plugged in. Up to four units can be connected for multi-player gaming.

Ultra Modern Dining Room Chair

Ultra Modern Dining Room ChairThe dining room can bring various ideas as far as conceptualization and design is concerned and most people today are shifting towards the modern ones available in the market. The traditional wooden seats with cushions will always be there but with the right research, you can land great modern dining room chairs such as this one which offers a rich look of black vinyl and chrome arm rests and legs.

The Verner chair by Colico

The Verner chair by ColicoThe Verner chair by Colico is one of those slick statement pieces that make the entire space. An instant focal point, these cool, colored chairs were designed by Tony Lanzillo, who was inspired by Verner Panton's modern Panton Chair – a style icon in itself and the muse of many modern furnishings.

Peter Karpf Wing Chair

Peter Karpf Wing ChairThe Peter Karpf Wing Chair is an icon of modern Scandinavian furniture design. The Peter Karpf Wing Chair was designed in 1968 for Christensen & Larsen in Denmark. This is a beautiful modern chair made with black lacquered plywood and string. This expressive modern lounge chair pushed bentwood to a new extreme.

Modern Rocking Chair

An eye-catching almost futuristic interpretation of the classic rocking chair. A modern, dynamic piece of furniture built for comfort and which accommodates a variety of sitting positions.

Dining Chair By Verner Panton

Dining Chair By Verner PantonVerner Panton's First chair was designed for a restaurant in Tivoli, Copenhagen in 1955. The chair, called The Tivoli Chair, was used indoors as well as outdoors. The chair can be used both at the conference table, the dining table, in the cafeteria or outside on the terrace or in the garden. The chair was awarded best classic at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2004 by the magazine Bo Bedre.

The Panton Chair

The Panton Chairhas won various design prizes world-wide and graces the collections of numerous renowned museums. Its expressive shape makes it a true 20th-century design icon. Made from solid plastic chair made in a single mould. Material: fibreglass reinforced

Verner Panton HAG Pantonic Chair

Verner Panton HAG Pantonic ChairYou will smile when you see it and smile even more when you sit on it. HÅG Pantonic reacts immediately to every kind of movement and will encourage you to change your sitting position. Just what the body likes!

Wiggle Side Chair

Wiggle Side ChairFrank O. Gehry is well known for his use of unusual materials. With his "Easy Edges" furniture he succeeded in giving a new aesthetic dimension to such an everyday material as cardboard.

Amoebe Highback Chair

Amoebe Highback ChairThe Amoebe was originally dreamed up for Panton's Visiona installation. It is a marvelous example of close-to-the-floor lounge furniture and embodies the spirit of the early 70's. Amoebe highback chair has a flexible backrest that curves over the head of the sitter, forming a sculptural canopy. In this way, Amoebe highback creates a sense of shelter and seclusion - especially in large, open spaces.

Ellini Leather Dining Chair

  Ellini Leather Dining ChairThese exquisite Cellini chairs are elegant modern dining chairs covered in leather over a powder-coated frame. For the perfect compliment to your modern home, the Cellini chair is both ideally beautiful and masterfully designed. Set includes 4 chairs.

Manhattan Bench Chair

Manhattan Bench ChairFoamed spring retro chair has vinyl seat and back with powder coated steel frame and legs. Chrome feet adjust for leveling. Black with white piping trim. Can use alone as a chair or connect two to make a loveseat or three to make a sofa

Reo Lounge Chair

Reo Lounge ChairDesigned by award-winning Swiss designer Michael Steffenhagen for Selamat Designs, the reo line incorporates traditional materials into a fresh contemporary look. Made from rattan pole covered in rattan peel weave, this substantial chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. The detail and quality is immediately apparent when one sits in the chair (it takes a weaver one-week to make one chair).

Barcelona Chair - Modern Classic

Barcelona Chair - Modern ClassicMies Van Der Rohe originally designed the Barcelona Chair for the King and Queen of Spain, with its timeless shape and supreme comfort this chair has become a modern classic.

Modern Chairs from spHaus

As we promised in a previous post, Furniture Fashion will show you some of the modern chairs and sofa seating from spHaus, and here they are. As you can see bold shapes and colors make a dramatic statement that is not for everyone unless you are into innovative modern furniture. Once again spHaus called on top designers like Filippo Dell' Orto, and Dodo Arsian for stunning and original designs.

Diva Chair collection from Colico Design

Like their namesakes, the gorgeous chairs in the new Diva Chair collection from Colico Design simply demand attention. You can’t help but notice their bold, bright, leggy forms! The Diva’s eye-catching, circular construction is truly groundbreaking, and comes with a variety of different leg options to complement the chair and suit your purpose.

Yin Yang Outdoor Furniture by Dedon

Yin Yang Outdoor Furniture by DedonMatching sculptural chairs, the Yin Yang Outdoor Furniture by Dedon uses a smooth woven surface to accent its sharp clean lines. A sweeping modern lounge chair, the complex curving form has an intriguing elegance. The twin chairs nest together, to create a single circular design. When combined the two lounge chairs face each other, offering personal space while still encouraging community and communication.

Petal Chair by Damian Barton

Petal Chair by Damian Barton
Designed by Damian Barton. This unique chair’s vision came from plucking the petals of a flower during an idealistic moment. The contour of the 2 remaining petals gave form to the chair and confirmed that even asymmetrically, nature is beautifully balanced!Ther is a wood version and a metal version.The metal aluminum version is perfect for indoor/outdoor use. It is cold formed by hand to achieve the unique shape.

Contemporary Chair from Evitavonni

Contemporary Chair from EvitavonniThere is something about the Evitavonni Blue Chair that is just so desirable. Its vibrant color makes a bold statement, making it an inevitable focal point for any room. The design, suitable for contemporary interiors, is truly iconic, the quilted effect with interspersed buttons playing with the norms of more traditional furniture.

Spirit Song designs by Robert Tiffany and Barbara Tiffany

Spirit Song designs by Robert Tiffany and Barbara Tiffany The Spirit Song Lounge Chair and Ottoman are an artistic elaboration on anthropometric considerations that fuse modern styling with the longevity of teak to enhance your space and quality of living.

Marc Newson's Lockheed Lounge Chair

Marc Newson's Lockheed Lounge ChairTrying to find a way to justify spending one or two thousand on that beautiful new chaise lounge you have your eye on, this will help! The Lockheed Lounge reminiscent of some thing the aero space industry may have produced is a well rounded metal structure that takes on a new look from all angles.

Line Chaise from Bonaldo

 Line Chaise from BonaldoIt seems that a lot of furniture companies are getting really creative and making convertible products. For the consumer this is perfect, it's like getting two items for the price of one. The Line from Italian manufacturer Bonaldo easily transitions from a chair to a chaise lounge with a simple movement.

Innovation C Chair by Bla Station

Innovation C Chair by Bla StationIt never ceases to amaze me how the most innovative designs can be so simple. The Innovation C by Swedish manufacturer Bla Station is really an impressive yet simple modern chair that is perfect for a laptop or a cup of coffee and a good book.

Shelley chair by Verikon

Shelley chair by Verikon

Lobster chair by Verikon

Lobster chair by VerikonThe modern Lobster chair, and the Shelley chair, by Verikon Furniture are designed for those who value originality above all else. Inimitable, imaginable designs inspired by the natural world around us; the Lobster chair and the Shelley chair have a wonderful organic feel. As refreshing to the spirit as a salty ocean breeze, these chairs showcase the best of Danish creativity, and have received an overwhelming response.

Lean-Back Chair

Lean-Back ChairThe first project was a chair design. I just doodled for a little while, and the "Lean-Back Chair" is what resulted after further development in SolidWorks. I was able to test the balance of this half-rocker chair to see whether it's behavior would be interesting to experience, and comfortable to sit in.

rocking chair by Iranian

rocking chair by Iranian This striking “Ruby” rocking chair by Iranian designer Pouyan Mokhtarani is a very very cool design that emulates the natural design of the human pelvis. This modern chair is designed in a way that when ever an individual sits on it, he or she will experience the sense of power. This feeling is synonymous to that of a super metaphysic human who can control every surrounding matter. There are 8 liquid pillows in the back of the chair which resemble the formation of 8 abdominal muscle packs in human anatomy and two larger liquid pillows in the bottom that resemble the hunkers muscles in the human body.

Fauteuil "SK", a Modern Chair

Fauteuil The look is one of fish bones fashioned into a chair, not the most attractive image, but the result is organic, warm and welcoming. A feat by Nicolas Marzouanlian

Mars & Venus Chairs

Mars & Venus ChairsCreative Mars and Venus chairs designed by Mahdi Naim.

Disk Chair

Disk ChairModern outdoor/garden Disk chair by Karim Rashid.

Ghost Chairs

Ghost ChairsThe plexiglass chairs have ghost-like forms inside them, created with laser technology.

Alright Chair by Joseph Riehl

Alright Chair by Joseph Riehl

Hairy Chair by Charles Kaisin

Hairy Chair by Charles Kaisin

Nested Chair Designed by Dripta Roy

Nested Chair Designed by Dripta Roy

Cutlery Chair

Cutlery Chair

Screw Chair by Revol

Screw Chair by Revol

Cut Armchair by Filippo Gezzhani

Cut Armchair by Filippo Gezzhani

Toeloop chair by Mario Stadelmann

Toeloop chair by Mario Stadelmann

Skateboard Chair by Skate Study House

Skateboard Chair by Skate Study House