Saturday, April 11, 2009

Origami chair by So Takahashi

Origami chair by So TakahashiThis Origami chair was presented by Oslo-based designer, So Takahashi. The chair is made from folded, powder-coated sheet metal. It was exhibited at 100% Norway at Designersblock in Covent Garden.

The modern chair by sonic

The modern chair by sonicThe modern chair by sonic chair is the 2007 reddot award winner. It provides a unique audio experience. It allowes to sit in the very centre of a sound system. You can connect your laptop or iPod.

Upholstered swivel chair

Upholstered swivel chairUpholstered swivel chair for office and conference use The upper part is moulded wood on a base of satin polished aluminium. The base is a 5-star swivel base with either fixed sitting height or height adjustment by means of a gaslift mechanism. The base with fixed sitting height may be provided with ferrules of black-grey nylon or glides of matt aluminium. The base with height adjustment is always equipped with double castors and is available with a tilt mechanism.

Cherner chair by Norman Cherner

Cherner chair by Norman ChernerCherner chair, designed by Norman Cherner, 1957. Made of walnut veneer plywood. Made by Plycraft, Inc. 1957-present. This design was inspired by the Pretzel chair by George Nelson & Associates. This design is sometimes attributed to George Mulhauser or Paul Goldman, but according to Tom Cherner of Cherner Chair Company LLC, the design is by Norman Cherner.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Charlottenborg chair

The Charlottenborg chairThe Charlottenborg-chair was one of Arne Jacobsen´s preferred chairs in his private home and, because of this fact, some of the original chairs survived to become the basis for its recreation.

Series 7 Chair Design

Series 7 Chair DesignSeries 7 designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen is the flagship of Fritz Hansen's collection.
It has many selection for colors such as (in lacquer or lazur) include: black, deep blue, indigo, dark grey, pearl, silk, ivory, white, petrol, turquoise, ice blue, lemon lime, lime, sunny yellow, rose, magenta, red, dark red.

Unique Wooden Ode Chair by Jolyon Yates

Unique Wooden Ode Chair by Jolyon YatesThis unique chair is called "ODE Chair" that was designed and crafted in Northumberland, England, by Jolyon Yates. ODE Chair is a new collection of contemporary organic chairs launched in 2008 involving the design and making of unique and distinctive one-off and low volume furniture.